Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes:

The BaleDoneen™ Difference


The BaleDoneen Method uses advanced laboratory and imaging tests and a comprehensive, individualized assessment to check each patient for hidden signs of arterial disease or red flags signaling increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

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The BaleDoneen Method of Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

The BaleDoneen Method is designed to improve and save lives and is being integrated into practice by Physicians and medical professionals around the world.

The BaleDoneen Method challenges the current “standard of care” by proposing a disease treatment paradigm rather than a risk factor paradigm. The disease treatment paradigm is founded on the discovery of whether plaque is present in the wall of the artery. Finding plaque in any artery in the body places the patient at a greater risk for heart attack, stroke or diabetes and treatment for arterial plaque disease must be provided in an optimal care model. All three of these health care crisis (heart attack, stroke and diabetes), are the largest in terms of cost, morbidity and mortality in the USA, are preventable, and are effectively addressed by the BaleDoneen Method.

There are Six Basic Elements
to the BaleDoneen Method

  1. Education of the Patient
    Educate the patient on what really causes a heart attack or stroke.
  2. Disease Evaluation
    Identify, treat, and monitor plaque disease.
  3. Fire/Inflammation
    Assess and monitor inflammation in the wall of the arteries.
  4. Root Causes of Disease
    Determine root causes of plaque disease so that we can monitor and treat the cause rather than the symptoms.
  5. Optimal Goals to Minimize Risk
    Establish patient goals based on risk factor modification.
  6. Genetics
    Develop an individualized care model that is based on each patient’s unique genetic make-up, that personalizes and enhances the success of the BaleDoneen Method.

Although cardiologists and heart surgeons across the country have successfully lowered the rate of death from heart attacks, the sheer number of heart attacks and strokes has not been reduced and heart attacks have been the number one cause of death in the USA for the past 100 years.

Interventions such as stents and bypass surgery may effectively treat symptoms such as angina, but fail to treat the root causes of the disease. This explains why many individuals who undergo these procedures often need repeat intervention, or they will go on to suffer a repeated heart attack or stroke.

The BaleDoneen Method, however, provides optimal care which addresses the important, underlying biological mechanisms of plaque disease which is driven by arterial inflammation.

Our excellent, unprecedented clinical results related to this unique treatment approach to plaque disease, provides the basis for the effectiveness of our Method.

The BaleDoneen Method is the CURE for Arterial Disease

It is a science-based methodology that is medically proven and accepted to both prevent and reverse heart attacks, strokes, and many other chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, dementia, kidney disease, and erectile dysfunction to name a few.


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