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The Ministry of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Standing on the Shoulders of our Elders – The Bailey family and Captain James Moore of south west Virginia, and Johanna’s parents, pastors John and Faith Williams, and both her sets of grandparents: Pastors C.P and Mary Williams and pastors Stanley and Frances Hanby. Dr. Robert and Johanna Bailey’s Family who laid the spiritual and financial foundation for Prophet’s Reward, Inc. in Prayer Mountain, NC established on July 1, 2020 on their 20th wedding anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey.

Dr. Robert’s Family

Dr. Bailey’s Father a Church Planter, the 3rd from the left, one without a coat, breaking ground on North Charleston Methodist Church November 1954 with their pastor and other elders of the church.

Picture of the North Charleston Methodist church sanctuary which Dr. Bailey’s father, Bob Bailey, broke ground on in November 1954, is still a vibrant church 67 years later serving the community of N. Charleston, SC.

Dr. Bailey’s father Bob Bailey standing and Dr. Bailey’s Grandfather Grattan Bailey with their immediate family in their home in Bluefield, VA in the 1940s.

Johanna’s Family

Johanna’s Grandparents in Full-time Christian Ministry and Founders of The Apostolic College of Tulsa, an accredited Christian College in Tulsa, OK decades prior to the founding of Oral Roberts University.

Pastors Mary and C.P. Williams, Johanna’s Grandparents, church planters, standing in front of the First Apostolic Church in Tulsa, OK in 1930s.

Pastor Stanley R. Hanby, Johanna’s Grandfather who was a Pastor and Church planter in southeastern Ohio and upper state New York from 1930s to 1970s. He held national leadership positions with the United Pentecostal Church in its early beginning and his Apostles Doctrine Pamphlet is still being taught around the world.

Pastors John and Faith Williams, Johanna’s parents. Who were Pastors, missionaries and church planters. In Tulsa, OK and Albuquerque, NM

Church Planting in Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Robert and Johanna Bailey relocate to Scottsdale, AZ to assist Pastors Terry and Judith Crist to Church Plant Citichurch in 2004.

Dr. Robert and Johanna breaking ground on Citichurch in Scottsdale, AZ with senior pastors Terry and Judith Crist 2004, 50 years after Dr. Bailey’s father broke ground on his church in North Charleston, SC. Dr. Bailey is reading scripture passages from Amos and gives Pastor Terry a prophet word regarding being a spiritual father to many through this work.

Johanna is closing this groundbreaking event with a dedicatory prayer and blessing for all those and the community that will benefit by this work. Over the next 12 years this 3-acre campus grew to 6 acres, and a 10-acre campus in Mesa and the Historic First Presbyterian Church in Downtown Phoenix were added.

Founders Dr. Robert and Johanna Bailey of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Dr. Robert and Johanna were friends in Tulsa, OK as they served in their local church The Eagles Nest and Dr. Robert was good friends with Johanna’s father, associate pastor John Williams. However, it was when they independently felt called to relocate to Scottsdale and served together in Citichurch that they began to date and knew God was bringing them together for a higher ministry call. They both enjoy classical music and the arts and share a passion for restoring a spirit-filled, Word of God inspired and supernatural approach to modern day Christianity and to bring Christ and his teachings to the whole of society. They are blessed with 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild who all reside in Tulsa, OK.

Dr. Bailey standing on the 17 acres of untouched wooded land on Prayer Mountain, future home of the Prophet’s Reward, Inc. including A Prayer Garden and home and Retreat Center.

Dr. Bailey standing in front of Bailey Family Medical Care, PC sign in Scottsdale, AZ.

Dr. Robert and Johanna standing in their medical condo in Scottsdale, AZ where they work and minister together to their valued patients daily.

Dr. Robert and Johanna standing atop of the ridge of Prayer Mountain fellowshipping with Father God on a beautiful warm day in December 2019 just prior to the COVID pandemic, experiencing the presence and the joy of the Lord.

Angel Chalet Headquarters of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Located at the base of Prayer Mountain, NC on Apple Hill, Angel Chalet is the current Headquarters of Prophet’s Reward, Inc. until a larger facility can be funded and constructed on 17 acres located just below the top on Prayer Mountain owned by the Baileys. The name Angel Chalet was chosen due to style of the home and angel visitations there. This quaint chalet has an upper room for visiting ministers and prophets, much like the Shunamite woman built a room for the prophet Elisha in the Old Testament. The Chalet has only had one previous owner, a Godly couple who ministered together on angelic visitations having experienced such over the years at the Angel Chalet and Prayer Mountain.

Angel Chalet property including ancient apple trees.

Angel Chalet with brushy mountains in the background.

Angel Chalet grounds being beautified with all sorts of colorful plants such as these knockout roses lining the driveway seen in this picture.

Western view from deck of Angel chalet.

Angel Chalet at base of Prayer Mountain.

Southern view of Moore’s Mountain from Angel Chalet.

South west view of brushy mountains and neighbor’s home from Angel Chalet.

Angel Chalet property looking up Apple Hill.

Angel Chalet looking up the hill north view.

Prayer deck on the ridge of Prayer Mountain looking north towards the Blue Ridge Mountain.

Views of Drive Up to Top of Prayer Mountain

Public Prayer Deck on top of Prayer Mountain open to the public during daylight hours. Close by the prayer deck will be the future home of Moravian Falls House of Prayer Chapel. People travel from all over the US and the world to visit Prayer Mountain to seek fellowship with their Heavenly Father. Prophet Bob Jones prophesied that a prayer chapel would be build on the top for visitors to experience the presence of God.

Gazebo on apple hill looking east towards the Brushy Mountains at sunrise.

Looking north towards Pore’s Knob Mountain at sunrise in the winter from Christ Jesus Triumphant, Inc. Ministry located just below the ridge of Prayer Mountain (

Looking straight up North Star Dr. from the entrance of the 17 acres of undeveloped land on Prayer Mountain, NC.

Winter view from Ridge atop of Prayer Mountain.

Picture looking north from Moore’s Mountain to Prayer Mountain in the foreground and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

Family of deer looking up North Star Dr. towards to ridge and prayer deck atop of Prayer Mountain.

North eastern view from future retreat center on Prayer Mountain, NC.

View from Prayer Mountain. Sunset view from atop of Prayer Mountain, NC.

Prayer deck on the ridge of Prayer Mountain looking north towards the Blue Ridge Mountain.

Trail that runs across the top of Prayer Mountain. Was supernaturally lighted up at night for one week after the trail was originally cut.

The 30-foot falls of Moravian Falls, NC. Angelic sightings have been frequent and are often seen in and around the falls.

During the spring Prayer Mountain is teaming with a variety of wildlife including deer, colorful birds of different species and wild turkeys roaming freely as captured in this picture by our dear friends of Anna

17 Acres of Pristine Wooded Land Near Top of Prayer Mountain

This anointed land near top of Prayer Mountain was purchased by the Baileys. This land is set aside for a beautiful Prayer Garden and Retreat Center operated by Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Future home of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Future home of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Future home of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Future home of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Future home of Prophet’s Reward, Inc.

Northern view in winter from the Ridge on top of Prayer Mountain looking towards the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

The portion of the 17 acres on Prayer Mountain looking towards North Star Drive leading up to the Ridge at Prayer Mountain.

Small portion of the 17 acres of land on Prayer Mountain which meets North Star Dr., future site of home and retreat center for Prophet’s Reward, Inc. Ministries.

Cloud over a portion of Prayer Mountain.

Example of planned vegetation on Prayer Mountain, NC.

Videos of Prayer Deck on Top of Prayer Mountain and of Angel Chalet

Johanna worshipping God from the pray deck on Prayer Mountain and thanking God for her physical healing provided to her by the finished work of Christ Jesus.

Taken from atop of Prayer Mountain, NC.

Taken from the deck of Angel Chalet looking north and Moore’s Mountain and continuing around towards Apple Hill and Prayer Mountain.

Multiple angelic orbs captured on video from atop of Prayer Mountain, NC. Often not seen with the natural eye but will appear in pictures and videos taken by visitors to Prayer Mountain.