Long-Term Metformin Use Protective Against Neurodegenerative Disease

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The use of meformin, a common first line medication used to treat pre-diabetes and diabetes, for at least 2 years had a protective effect on the incidence of neurodegenerative disease among elderly veterans, according to results from a large analysis of Veterans Affairs data.

These positive findings were recently presented at  the annual scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association by lead study author Dr. Qian Shi stating that metformin can cross the blood-brain barrier having specific effects on the central nervous system, but the exact mechanism and sites of its action remain unknown and further investigation is warranted.

The medical literature supports that diabetes increases one’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease, all types of dementia, vascular dementia and mild cognitive impairment.

Robert T Bailey, PharmD, MD, FAAFP

President and Founder, Bailey Family Medical Care

Scottsdale, AZ