Quit Interfering With The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Don’t be fooled, the best healthcare is one patient having one primary doctor that knows the patient as an entirely whole person, not a part of them, and certainly not managed by a score of healthcare professionals and administrative staff hell bent on providing population medicine rather than personalized medicine. Did you know that if your primary care physician works for anyone other than the patient, he/she is not able to give the time, attention and focus you deserve to get to the root causes of illness and disease, but is rather a triage agent to their system to feed patients into hospital run services and sub-specialist offices. The average visit time with your primary care doctor who is salaried is only 7 minutes. That is only enough time to take vitals and treat or refer one problem and one prescription. Physicals are crammed into 30 minutes and by nature of lack of time provided by the parent organization (i.e., often the local hospital) can only offer the most basics of lab and physical exam. No independent think here, guideline driven and cookbook medicine only. Experience, training and education doesn’t really matter, tyranized by “evidenced-based medicine” conducted and analyzed by those no longer willing to pay the price to practice and deliver healthcare. Where it is hard to replace some of our most technical long trained surgeon, much easier to pose as a Board Certified Family Physician as a non physician and state that the care is equal if not better. Who would have thought we would have lost our basic common sense. Just like our country needs to be unencumbered by over taxation and regulation, so does the practicing physician. If we don’t soon restore the respect and autonomy due these individuals that have made life long sacrifices to serve their patients, we soon will no longer have any great diagnosticians left and patients will have no choice but to accept a substandard of care delivered much like everything run by our federal government, impersonal, inefficient. too costly and mired in red tape and incompetency. The independent Doctor-Patient relationship is worth fighting for before we loss this great profession in this great country of ours.